Scripto® Lighter Fluid

Calico Brands, Inc. introduces Lighter Fluid under the trusted brand name, Scripto®. Universal Lighter Fluid can be used to refill Zippo type lighters. It’s also used as a solvent for very hard to remove: chewing gum, tar based stains, grease, crayon marks, sticker labels, rust, heel marks and more!


• Plastic or Metal Can Available

• Use with Zippo type lighters

• Solvent for Hard-to-Remove Substances

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• Open Stock

• Counter Display

















Scripto® Butane

Calico Brands, Inc. introduces quality Butane under the trusted brand name Scripto® to support our new refillable Scripto® Folding Utility Lighter and other refillable butane lighters found in the marketplace. It is 5 times refined, available in 4 different canister sizes and includes a universal adaptor with each canister.


• 4 Sizes Available
• Five Prong Adapter Fits All Refill Valves
• Premium Quality Fuel
• 5x Refined

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• Open Stock
• Counter Display


Scripto® Officially Licensed Multi-Purpose Lighters

Introducing Scripto® Officially Licensed Multi-Purpose Lighters… The Officially Licensed Multi-Purpose Lighters bring forth style to everyday lighting activities and let fans show their team spirit! Perfect for lighting grills, candles, campfires and fireplaces.

Big Ten: Big East: Atlantic Coast: Big 12: Pac 12: SEC:
Iowa Louisville Clemson Baylor Arizona Alabama
Michigan Pittsburgh Florida State Iowa State Arizona State Arkansas
Michigan State   Maryland Kansas Oregon Auburn
Nebraska   Miami Kansas State Oregon State Florida
Ohio State   North Carolina State Oklahoma UCLA Georgia
Wisconsin     Texas USC Kentucky
      Texas Tech   LSU
          Mississippi State
          Texas A&M

• Team Logo and School Colors• Rounded Nozzle, making access easier to lighting grills • Built-in Hanger for storage out of reach of children • Visible Fuel SupplyPack

• Single PackDisplay

• Open Stock • Counter Display• Clip Strip • Display-A-Tray • Floor Display


Folding_lighterNew Burst A1
® Folding Utility Lighter

The Scripto® REFILLABLE Folding Utility Lighter folds into a compact 5.5” lighter allowing for easy storage in small compartments, kitchen drawers, garages and backpacks. The bright and easily distinguishable neon colors make it easy to spot, and the folding nozzle conveniently lights in multiple positions! The new Scripto® Folding Utility Lighter is perfect for indoor lighting, hiking, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities. Scripto® Butane available.

• Refillable
• Unfolds into Full Size 11.25” Lighter
• Folds into 5.5” Lighter for Easy Storage
• Lights in Multiple Positions
• Visible Fuel Supply

Pack Availability:
• Single Pack

Display Vehicles:
• Open Stock
• Counter Display
• Clip Strip
• Floor Display
• Power Panel








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