Scripto®, one of the most trusted and popular brands of lighters, has been around for over 80 years. In 2010, Scripto® celebrated the 25th Anniversary since the introduction of the first utility lighter to the U.S. market, Scripto® Aim ‘n Flame®, which created the utility lighter category. Today, Scripto® continues its legacy of innovation and leadership, and ranking as a top market share leader in the disposable utility lighter and pocket lighter categories.

Scripto® offers the widest assortment of disposable lighter products compared to any known competitor, providing a One Stop Lighter Solution™. With a wide array of the nation’s leading and innovative lighter products at varied retail price points, Scripto® is the only lighter company you need.

All Scripto® lighters feature a patented child resistant mechanism that exceeds CPSC requirements and meets ASTM voluntary safety standards. Scripto® lighters are manufactured by use of robotic and automated processes, assuring consistent quality and product outcome. From raw materials to final product, all Scripto® lighters exceed safety standards, and excel in quality.

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