Big Calico logo [Converted]Calico Brands, Inc.® offers the widest assortment of disposable lighter products compared to any known competitor, providing a One Stop Lighter Solution™. As one of the leading suppliers of utility lighters, Calico Brands, Inc.® offers superior quality and stylish designs. In addition, Calico Brands, Inc.® provides a variety of value-priced sparkwheel and electronic pocket lighters. With the largest warehousing facility in the industry, Calico® is ready to ship products upon notice, contributing to its superior customer service levels.

All Calico® lighters feature a patented child resistant mechanism that exceeds CPSC requirements and meets ASTM voluntary safety standards. Calico® lighters are manufactured by use of robotic and automated processes, assuring consistent quality and product outcome. From raw materials to final product, all Calico® lighters exceed safety standards, and excel in quality.

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