Calico® Scripto® Private Label Collegiate License

Calico Brands, Inc., a family of recognizable lighter brand names, SCRIPTO® and CALICO®. Calico Brands is your One Stop Lighter Solution® for all your brand name and private label Utility and Pocket Lighter needs. With a wide array of the nation’s leading and innovative lighter products, you won’t need any other lighter company.

Calico Brands, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of utility lighters with a variety of features and designs, such as normal flame, wind resistant turbo flame, flexible nozzles, and folding capabilities. Products are marketed under the leading brand names, Scripto Aim ‘n Flame® II, Scripto® Wind Resistant, Scripto® Decolite®, Scripto® Decoflex®, Scripto® Flex Utility Lighter, Scripto® Wind Resistant Flex, Scripto® Xtra Long, Scripto® Folding Utility Lighter, Scripto® 2in1 Dual Flame Utility Lighter, Calico Hot Shot®, Calico Hot Shot® II, Calico Hot Shot® wind Resistant, Calico Hot Shot® II Wind Resistant, Calico Flex Utility Lighter, Calico XL Utility Lighter and Calico Candle Lighter®.

Calico Brands, Inc. offers a wide variety of sparkwheel and electronic pocket disposable lighter brands that include the value-priced Calico® brand and the unique and eye-catching, premium brand, Scripto®. Calico Brands provides custom private label/control brand Utility and Pocket lighter programs. Calico Brands, Inc. is the one lighter supplier that you will ever need.

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