Calico® Scripto® Private Label Collegiate License

Welcome to Calico Brands, Inc., a family of recognizable lighter brand names, CALICO® and SCRIPTO®. Calico Brands is your One Stop Lighter Solution™ for all your brand name and private label Utility and Pocket Disposable Lighter needs. With a wide array of the nation’s leading and innovative lighter products at varied retail price points to meet customer’s needs, you won’t need any other lighter company.

Calico Brands, one of the leading suppliers of utility lighters, offers superior quality and stylish design under the leading brand names, Scripto Aim ‘n Flame® II, Scripto® Wind Resistant, Scripto® Decolite®, Calico Hot Shot® II, and Calico Candle Lighter®.

In addition, Calico Brands offers a wide variety of sparkwheel and electronic pocket disposable lighter brands that include the value-priced Calico® brand and the unique and eye-catching, premium brand, Scripto®.

Calico Brands can even provide custom private label or control brand Utility and Pocket Disposable lighter programs. With a major portion of the market share of private label or control brand lighter category, along with the highly recognizable brands names of Calico® and Scripto®, Calico Brands, Inc. is the one lighter supplier that you will ever need.

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